Team Leader role:

  • This place is available to any full time University of Manchester student, including undergraduate and postgraduate taught students;
  • There are no financial criteria attached to this role;
  • Students graduating in summer 2024 (before the trip) are eligible, as long as they are not on the payroll of any other employer (e.g. in a full time job) at the time of the trip.

Team Members:

  • These 14 places are available to all undergraduate University of Manchester students who are in any year of study including final year.

Team Members must also be in receipt of / eligible for:

  • The Manchester Bursary (partial or full);
  • The Undergraduate Access Scholarship. 

Find out how to apply here.

  • To check if you are in receipt of the Manchester Bursary or Undergraduate Access Scholarship (details of both can be found here), log on and:

    • Select ’Student System’ from the ’Tools’ menu at the top right of the page.
    • Go to ‘Campus Finances’ and then ‘View Financial Aid’.
    • If you have any queries regarding your Manchester Bursary entitlement please email funding@manchester.ac.uk

If you are not eligible:

If you do not meet the eligibility for Team Rwanda you can still: