International Volunteering

Volunteering internationally, whether remotely or abroad, can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It can be a chance for you to:

  • Share your skills and make a difference in another part of the world;
  • Experience a new culture and make a meaningful contribution to a cause;
  • Enhance your employability.

We are excited to announce that our international volunteering programme is now live with opportunities to volunteer in summer 2024 with our Trusted Partners. We will be recruiting for Team Rwanda in early semester 2. Remote and UK based opportunities continue to be available as an alternative.

You can view all our opportunities on our International Volunteering Cribsheet.

Team Rwanda

The University’s flagship overseas volunteering project will take place in summer 2024 in partnership with Azizi Life, a social enterprise working with local artisans in Rwanda. We are looking for a team of students to travel to Rwanda from July-August and volunteer on digital media, research and enterprise projects. The projects are developed based on the needs of Azizi Life, contributing to their long term impact. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends and gain valuable skills whilst experiencing Rwandan culture.  Find out more!

Trusted Partners

Our Trusted Partners run volunteering projects in countries around the world including Fiji, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Peru and more! All opportunities meet our criteria for ethical, sustainable and well supported overseas volunteering opportunities. Projects will be taking place in summer 2024 with organisations including Think Pacific, Play Action International, Travelteer, Kaya Responsible Travel, SALVE International, BHZ Connection and EcoSwell. 

Finding your own volunteering overseas

Volunteering overseas is more complex than volunteering at home and can be a real leap from your comfort zone. You'll need to consider the ethics, costs, safety and long term impact of projects, alongside the living arrangements, local culture, travel and transport. As an alternative you could consider volunteering remotely or in Manchester.  With so much to think about we have lots of guidance to help your decision-making.

Is voluntourism ethical?

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