BHZ Connection

BHZ Connection are running volunteering opportunites in Manchester and remotely whilst their overseas opportunities are paused. 

The BHZ Connection project’s main aim is to contribute to the educational development of young people and adolescents from low-income families by teaching languages, such as Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. They use activities such as drama, Capoeira Angola, art, educational games, reading, music and physical education to support this language learning, thereby facilitating cultural exchange with volunteers from different countries.

They believe that if they provide a motivating, dynamic and cheerful environment, it is possible to guarantee children and young people’s rights to leisure and culture. This contributes to their educational, emotional and psychological development.

Manchester based / remote volunteering opportunities include:

  • Teaching English, maths, languages and music activities online
  • Website editing

Please search 'BHZ Connection' on Volunteer Hub for the latest opportunities.

The below information is provided to give you an idea of the overseas projects that BHZ usually run in the summer.

  • All students are welcome to apply, including final years and postgrads.
  • All volunteers must be aged 18 or over when they arrive on placement.
  • BHZ Connection opportunities may be of particular interest to those who are interested in teaching and have skills in language, music, drama, IT or sports.
  • Placements with BHZ Connection must be a minimum length of 2 months for individuals or 1 month for groups of 5 or more. Please contact the BHZ team for more information.
  • Placements run throughout the year from February to December and must be organised at least 6 months in advance.
  • Once signed up through Volunteer Hub, BHZ will contact you to fill out a volunteering form. If your application is accepted, the organisation will organise a Skype meeting to give you more details about the project and travelling in Brazil.
  • Once accepted onto a placement team, volunteers will receive the handbook (which is also on the website) and are kept up to date with the pre-departure processes required e.g. visa application, booking flights, travel insurance etc.
  • The BHZ Connection team are available by phone and email to offer guidance and assistance with pre-departure processes. 
  • Volunteers are collected from the airport by BHZ Connection.

  • Volunteers will receive daily supervision and practical assistance from the BHZ Connection team.
  • In terms of accommodation, volunteers will spend the first month living at the project. After the first month, BHZ Connection looks to place the volunteer with a host family. It is important to them that the volunteer is placed with an appropriate family so the length of time spent in the project accommodation can vary.
  • Placement fees are £95 per week for rent and project expenses. This does not include food or other living costs.
  • Volunteers are required to cover the cost of their flights (about £750), vaccinations, and personal insurance.
  • £50 - £100 per week is recommended for personal spending money, depending on whether volunteers choose to live like locals or treat the weekends as holidays.
  • BHZ Connection will also provide fundraising advice and support.


  • Please apply using Volunteer Hub
  • Search for 'BHZ Connection' and click on 'apply' in the relevant advert.

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