These opportunities are all part of "Stellify".  Stellify means 'to change, or be changed, into a star'. At Manchester, we want you to Stellify yourselves through our range of transformational academic and extracurricular activities, helping you to stand out and make a difference to the world. For more informatin about the stellify Award go to

Ethical Grand Challenges take place in each year of your study. They allow you to explore three of the biggest challenges facing the world in the 21st century - Sustainability (Year 1), Social Justice (Year 2) and Workplace Ethics (Year 3+). Each challenge helps you to discover how we can create a more sustainable world, tackle social injustices and learn how to navigate ethical workplace dilemmas in your future career.

This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have about the Stellify Award.

Volunteering is the perfect way to make new friends, enhance your skill set and confidence, whilst making a difference and contributing to your community - at a local and international level. The team are here to help you find the right volunteering opportunity for you.

Completing 25 hours of verified volunteering that benefits the wider community contributes towards the Stellify Award.

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