International opportunities

Meet some of our Trusted Partners and hear about their work.  Volunteering overseas can be a complicated business but advice and guidance is available to ensure that you are able to find an ethical, well-run project to participate in.

BHZ CONNECTION project’s main aim is to contribute to the educational development of young people from low-income families by teaching languages (including Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, etc…) as educational tools. Using activities such as drama, Capoeira Angola, art, educational games, reading, music and physical education the students learn other languages, thereby facilitating cultural exchange with volunteers from different countries. 

Volunteering internationally, whether remotely or abroad, is an exciting and rewarding way to make a difference in communities overseas. The University's Volunteering Team has a dedicated arm to support you if you are thinking about volunteering to benefit communities abroad.

Kaya Responsible Travel is a social enterprise that works with local grass-roots projects to offer you volunteer, intern, and study and service programs that are ethical and sustainable. Each of their projects includes 24/7 support and accommodation. Joining a Kaya project means that you can make a positive impact while you travel and  give back to the communities that you visit.

Play Action International (formerly East African Playgrounds) provides a brighter future to the lives of children across Uganda and Africa, enhancing children’s future prospects by improving learning environments, opportunities and creativity through building playgrounds and creative play education. To date, Play Action International has built over 350+ playgrounds and given over 530,000+ children access to a childhood. 

Think Pacific allows volunteers in Fiji to experience the unique culture, customs and way of life of the incredible South Pacific islands. Think Pacific’s projects offer volunteers the opportunity to join a traditional village, to become a member of a Fijian family and work as a team to contribute to education, youth and sports development projects, which are making an immense difference to the lives of children living in hardship.  

Travelteer brings an innovative concept to the forefront of responsible travel and ethical volunteerism. Their philosophy is to blend awe-inspiring adventure with high impact volunteering while maintaining a safe, social environment creates the ultimate experience.

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