Assistant Project Leader 

Working closely with staff from the University Volunteering Team and S.A.L.V.E., the Assistant Project Leader will provide support and guidance to the Team Uganda team members during pre-departure preparation, in-country, and on their return to the UK.

The focus of this role is to assist the S.A.L.V.E. Project Leader with project delivery in Uganda whilst providing project and pastoral support to the volunteers.  The Assistant Project Leader represents the University of Manchester in-country and plays a key role in helping the project to be a success.

It is an exciting opportunity to make a unique contribution to the project whilst developing personally and gaining valuable transferable skills and experience.

Assistant Project Leader responsibilities

Before the project:

  • Work alongside the University and S.A.L.V.E. staff to ensure full understanding of the project and the work of S.A.L.V.E.;
  • Support team members with pre-departure preparation and take an active role in training days;
  • Support and coordinate the fundraising efforts of team members in order to maximise funds raised, including planning at least one fundraising event for the team;
  • Support Team Members in their planning of project activities;
  • Support the team to plan educational activities for the Holiday Camps;
  • Manage the social media relating to the project and coordinate inputs from the team.

During the project:

  • Work to the S.A.L.V.E. Project Leader who will provide guidance and support for the role in country;
  • Act as the University of Manchester’s representative whilst in Uganda;
  • Support the delivery of in-country orientation and training;
  • Provide pastoral and practical support to help the team members to give their best while on the project;
  • Spend time with the sub-teams out in the community, visiting their projects and providing support where needed;
  • Jointly with the SALVE Project Leader, meet with team members to check in with them and monitor progress;
  • With support from the SALVE Project Leader, help the team to come up with appropriate solutions to issues they might face in their projects;
  • Keep in touch with the UK staff member and provide feedback on how the project is going;
  • Coordinate social media;
  • Coordinate gathering good quality photographs of the project that can be used in publicity;
  • Ensure team reports are completed by the deadlines;
  • Help to gather feedback on the project.

On return:

  • Help with post-project communications with Team Members;
  • Support the delivery of the returned volunteers event;
  • Take an active role in supporting the Team Members to with their commitments to one ‘action at home’.
  • Help to gather feedback and conduct the project evaluation;
  • Support the team to complete the necessary presentations to donors.