2015 Staff Winner

Karl Hennermann, School of Environment, Education & Development

Karl is a regular volunteer with MapAction, a UK charity specializing in in-situ mapping in natural disasters and humanitarian crisis. MapAction is the only NGO worldwide with a capacity to deploy a fully trained and equipped humanitarian mapping and information management team anywhere in the world, often within just hours.

Since joining MapAction in 2010 Karl has deployed to a number of humanitarian crisis situations, including the Philippines and South Sudan, to help answer location based questions questions like: Where are the people in greatest need? Where are the relief resources? Which areas have yet to be reached?

For example, in 2014 he led a MapAction team in a mission to a flood emergency in Paraguay, where they worked with the government and the United Nations to assess the situation and direct the international response. As one partner agency described the impact: "Mapping support during the early phases of a response is critical, as responders and donors try to more clearly understand the situation on the ground. Without MapAction, the capacity to provide what is needed often simply doesn't exist."

2015 Student Winner

Emma Ridings, Manchester Medical School

Emma motivates and inspires a team of medical students as part of her role as team leader for the Manchester branch of StreetDoctors. This is a charity that teaches essential lifesaving skills to high risk young people. They aim to equip young people with practical skills to save lives and to change attitudes, increase confidence and further aspirations. Through this they hope to reduce the likelihood of youth violence in the local community. One of the target groups is young offenders, with the aim to try and help create a better understanding of the consequences of stabbings. Emma contacted centres and pitched to the Youth Justice Board, leading to the inclusion of StreetDoctors teaching in all YOTs in the area.

In addition Emma has restructured the way in which the Manchester branch is run so that volunteer recruitment and teaching can occur more efficiently and to the highest standard and so that her team of volunteers feel supported and motivated. Emma is a passionate spokesperson of the charity, advocating it through interviews on local radio and with Manchester City Football Club's media team.

Emma is also highly involved in fundraising events for the organisation, including organising a football tournament, an acoustic night and a club night.

The activities of StreetDoctors will have a significant positive impact on the lives of high risk young people in the area and as a consequence will decrease the level of youth violence now and in future years.

2015 Alumni Winner

Julia Pugh, BNurs Nursing 2008

Julia started the Manchester STOP THE TRAFFIK in September 2009 and since then has worked tirelessly, alongside her job as a nurse, to keep the group actively fighting against the crime of human trafficking.

She has delivered professional training to over 300 people (ranging from health and social workers to the police and airport staff), tailoring the message through different conduits in order to reach the range of targeted audiences. She has organised and at times single handedly run awareness campaigns in Manchester to increase the communities knowledge of what human trafficking is and how it can be prevented. She manages around 100 volunteers on the various Stop the Traffik projects. She employs social media channels and other modern digital methods to communicate with youth and young adults, thus ensuring all members of the community have a chance to learn about the crime. This is coupled with drawing on local media channels to educate people about human trafficking but also to invite the community to participate in various projects.

She worked with the chaplaincy at Manchester airport to deliver Travel Safe Week to raise awareness amongst staff and passengers on how to spot signs of trafficking - a much needed activity given the amount of transfers of trafficked persons that takes place at airports. In addition to carrying out large campaigns Julia does 1-2-1 work with survivors and supports staff at Manchester safe houses for victims of human trafficking. Her great work has been recognised by Manchester Police who regularly involve her in their projects to fight or prevent the crime of human trafficking and often draw on her expertise.