Making a Nomination

Are you aware of a University of Manchester student (individual or group) whom you think should receive a Volunteer of the Year Award?

Who Can I Nominate?

If you are aware of a University of Manchester student, or group of students whom you think is worthy of the Social Responsibility and Volunteer of the Year Award, then please make a nomination. The nomination form is short and easy to complete. You may even nominate yourself!

The Judging Process

The judging panels for the awards comprise of students, staff, and alumni of the University and representatives of charities and voluntary organisations.

The judges evaluate the nominations on the basis of the criteria below, so the most successful nominations should demonstrate how at least one of the following has been met:

  • The demonstration of exceptional leadership skills.
  • Actions that have created real impact and change.
  • The use of innovation to meet a need.
  • A significant and sustained commitment to community activity, over and above what would normally be expected.

We have a couple of example nominations here to help you write the nomination.

Please note that by entering a nomination, the nominee will agree to participate in media and publicity activities. Case studies of the winners and short-listed nominations will feature in University publications and websites.

We are now closed for nominations and will reopen in January 2025.