Accessible volunteering 

Some students may feel that volunteering is not for them.  Perhaps they have caring responsibilities and don't see how they can fit it in.  Maybe mobility issues might seem like a block or finances mean paid work has to be prioritised.  The Volunteering Team and the Student's Union Volunteering Team will help any student find an opportunity that will fit with their particular needs.

All organistions that sign up to Volunteer Hub have to confirm that they have an Equal Opportunities Policy and that they are willing to make reasonable adjustments to roles where possible to ensure that as many people as possible can volunteer.

Below are a list of the most common FAQs that students ask but please do contact us if you require any help or have any other questions.

One-off volunteering might suit you.  These are days and part days where you volunteer but with no ongoing commitment.  They could be the university’s Volunteer Days which run most weeks through to partner organisations requesting help with one-off events such as fundraisers.  To find these roles use the “opportunity type” filter on Volunteer Hub to show opportunities that are fixed/short-term.

All organisations that sign up to use Volunteer Hub have to declare that they will make reasonable adjustments, i.e. that wherever possible they will make adjustments which will allow as many people as possible to get involved regardless of any additional needs they have.  Of course there are some things that can’t be changed but if you have seen an opportunity that you like the look of but aren’t sure whether it will be suitable for you get in touch via email or by phone: 07810098834 and we can find out the details for you so that you can make a decision whether it’s right for you.

The staff at the University and Students’ Union are all happy to sit down with you and chat about the sort of volunteering you would like to do and what would help you be able to get involved.  This might be volunteering on a University or Students’ Union project where the other volunteers are students and where there is often a higher level of staff support.  Alternatively they might be able to help by introducing you to the volunteer manager at the organisation you would like to volunteer for so that you have the support to make that first step.  Please get in touch at so we can help put a plan together in partnership with you. Alternatively you can call us at 07810098834.

We have volunteering opportunities available in a variety of faith and cultural settings. If you’ve had a look on the Volunteer Hub and are struggling to find something related to your identity, please get in touch with the Volunteering Team at, and we’ll do our best to help you find a suitable role. You can also call us via 07810098834.

There should never be a charge for volunteering locally. If it costs you money to travel to your volunteering you may be able to claim back your travel costs. All adverts on Volunteer Hub should tell you whether or not the organisation is able to pay your expenses so look out for that in the adverts.  

Some overseas volunteering does have a charge to cover the costs of you being there e.g. accommodation.  Advice is available at regarding what to look for to ensure an organisation is legitimate and how to fundraise to cover the costs.

Yes!  The volunteering service provided by the university and Students’ Union is for all students regardless of their level of study.

Absolutely not! Most of the community volunteering opportunities advertised on the Volunteer Hub will already have volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, and similarly, we welcome and encourage students of all ages and backgrounds to get involved. Volunteering is a great way to meet people outside of the student community and connect to older and younger local residents. 

Volunteer Days have been set up as a specific service for students and it is not possible for non-students to be involved through the University.  However some of the organisations we work with do run similar events open to the general public so feel free to talk to them about volunteering at one of their open events.

Yes! The University of Manchester promotes equality and welcomes all students regardless of their background or identity to get involved in volunteering. If you have any concerns about volunteering or feel uncomfortable about any past volunteering experiences, please get in touch by email: or phone: 07810098834.   

If anything changes which affects your ability to volunteer the first person to talk to is your supervisor at the organisation you volunteer with.  It may be that you are able to take a break from your volunteering or there may be a way you can volunteer on a more flexible basis.  You can also speak to the Volunteering Team at, as they will be able to help you find a more suitable role. For example if you would like to continue volunteering but need to change roles.

Yes, on Volunteering Hub we have a variety of online/phone volunteering opportunities that you can do from home. When you access Volunteer Hub highlight 'Yes' in the 'Show volunteering from home opportunities only' box and these opportunities will appear for you.

If you have any concerns about equality and diversity issues, please get in touch.

Email: or

Phone: 07810098834

Accessibility Statement

The University of Manchester and Students’ Union Volunteering Teams welcome and encourage all students to get involved in volunteering. As a University we promote equality and welcome students from all ethnicities, genders, religious backgrounds, sexual orientations, ages, socio-economic backgrounds and disabilities. 

We aim to support all students in their application process and during volunteering. Should you need any help, and/or adjustments with the application or wider volunteering process please contact the University of Manchester Volunteering Team at: or the SU Team at