Charities & community organisations


Volunteering roles with charities and community organisations usually count towards the "Make a Difference" part of the Manchester Leadership Award.

Volunteering with a community organisation or charity gives you lots of choice regarding the sort of volunteering you can get involved with. There are literally hundreds of organisations in Manchester providing all sorts of services to the local community.

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Education organisations

Volunteer with a mentoring or tutoring organisation, working in local schools or become a youth leader at a youth club or with an organisation like the Scouts or Guides.

Healthy living and active lifestyles

Help improve the health of residents of Manchester by supporting a charity that supports those living with conditions such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes or cancer. Alternatively undertake prevention work by helping people to stay fit and healthy. For example help run Parkrun or sports activities for local children.

Vulnerable people

Help provide service for older isolated people, run activities for people living with disabilities or work to support people living on the streets.


Manchester has lots of parks and green spaces and an army of volunteers looking after them. Alternatively some organisations campaign to reduce the impact of climate change and need volunteers to act on their behalf.


As well the University’s own Museum and Art Gallery there are many more cultural places around the city who need volunteers. You could also choose to get involved with one of the many festivals that Manchester hosts every year.

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Ruwani Uyange

Ruwani chose to volunteer for the George House Trust, a charity that supports people living with or affected by HIV, running a project to raise awareness of HIV and HIV testing to other students. The group undertook a range of marketing activities including running a fundraising event, and launching the first ever AIDS Walk to raise awareness of the condition.

Ruwani enhanced her skills of project and time management, and also developed new key skills including event management, leadership, marketing and problem-solving skills.

She says “I would definitely recommend volunteering to all the students at the University. It really does challenge you and makes you look at things in a totally different way. Furthermore I have developed some great friendships through my volunteering projects. The people that I volunteered alongside on the projects were the most interesting, dedicated and nicest people I have had the pleasure to meet!"