Become a Volunteering champion


Volunteering Champions roles usually count towards the "Step Up and Lead" part of the Stellify Award.

What is a Volunteering champion?

Volunteering Champions are students who take on an additional role promoting community volunteering to other students. As a Volunteering Champion, you’ll be a point of contact for students in your assigned subject area who want to find out about volunteering opportunities. You’ll work with staff to raise awareness of upcoming volunteering events and activities across campus, sharing your enthusiasm for community volunteering with others!

Why should I get involved?

You’ll have opportunities to:
• Develop a host of skills including: leadership, effective team working skills, time management, event management and communication skills
• Network with staff and students across the University 
• Gain great CV and future application experience!
• Get recognition on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) and use this as a Step Up & Lead role for the Stellify Award.

Recruitment for Volunteering Champions for 2021/22 is now closed. If you have any questions or would like to sign up for 2022/23, please email


As a Volunteer Champion, Adam was involved in implementing volunteering initiatives in his Academic School. This included a human Geography Period Poverty Scheme and 'Just 5', a physical Geography project involving students picking up rubbish and developing a social media campaign to encourage others to get involved. 

“Becoming a volunteer champion is a great opportunity for any student at Manchester. Aside from the more obvious benefits it can have for future employment, it offers a way to engage more closely with the wider Manchester community and affect positive social change within the city."