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Peer support and Peer Mentoring roles usually count towards the "Step Up and Lead" part of the Stellify Award.


Peer Support is a volunteer programme  whereby higher year students work with lower year students to make sure they settle in well to their new university environment and learn how to manage all the demands of student life in order to have the best experience possible.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are weekly, timetabled sessions  run by a pair of higher year students with a small group of first years aimed at facilitating their learning and equipping them with the skills necessary to become successful independent learners. There are also some higher year PASS sessions.

Peer Mentoring provides targeted support to new students in order to help them settle into life. The support is pastoral in nature and helps new students integrate into their university life and make the most of their Manchester experience.

How do I get involved?

It is really easy to get involved and we are always pleased to have great students working for the programme. If you want to give back to your University and gain valuable skills for your future then peer support may be for you.

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Andrew Aldridge

Andrew has been involved with PASS throughout his time as a student and has become the student co-ordinator in his School.  He believes the scheme has a fantastic impact on the relationship between staff, interns and students.  His role is now to nurture those students who are PASS Leaders so that they really understand the purpose and value of peer support.

Through PASS he has gained a range of skills such as leadership and communication.  However Andrew believes it is more than this. “What I also feel I can take away from this is firstly the sense of being part of something, and secondly having something I have directly influenced… At the end of my fourth year, with a solid degree and a scheme I spent three years to help shape and develop, I’ll have the right experiences to go into the business world.  More importantly, PASS is something I can physically see, talk about and be proud of, knowing I was part of this.”