Support sustainability initiatives


Sustainability volunteering roles usually count towards the "Make a Difference" part of the Stellify Award.

If you have a passion for sustainability there are plenty of enviromental iniatives for you to get stuck into, take a look at a few of them below:

Incredible Edible Manchester

Incredible Edible Manchester transforms unused, derelict plots of land into edible plots that grow fruit, vegetables and herbs! You can volunteer on plots across Manchester, clearing the site, building greenhouses and vegetable beds, and planting a variety of seeds. This then helps people in food poverty as everyone in the local community is free to help themselves to the fresh food! 

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Want Not Waste Shop

Want Not Waste is a student run zero waste shop. They provide loose food, beauty products and refills of esssential household products as well as running events, workshops and talks based around sustainability. Their aim is to make zero waste living accessible and affordable for students.

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Klaudia volunteers in the student-run zero-waste shop, Want Not Waste, based in the Students' Union. Her role involves helping in the shop as a shop assistant and coming up with ideas for events, which she then helps to run. She recently organised a clothes swap with another volunteer that raised over £200 for Labour behind the Label, a charity which supports the rights of those working in the garment industries.

"I volunteer at the shop because I care about the cause. I care about trying to reduce our waste in a world filled with the over consumption of poorly and unethically made products, and I want to make this lifestyle as accessible to people as possible. Also, it’s just so fun! The people I volunteer with are full of great ideas and enthusiasm and they make volunteering at the shop an absolute pleasure. The running of the shop is a big team effort, and for so many people to dedicate their time and energy to it is very special. In addition, volunteering here is a great opportunity to develop skills such as event planning and management."