Get involved with fundraising


Fundraising roles usually count towards the "Make a Difference" part of the Stellify Award. Roles that take on committee responsibility may count towards the "Step Up and Lead" section.

“What’s it all about?”

Manchester RAG (Raise-and-Give) is the fundraising arm of the Students’ Union. They are a group of students who want to make a difference through raising money for charity – and have fun doing it! They organise exciting events and challenges all year round…run for students, by students. Last year they raised a total of nearly £220,000 for a huge range of local, national and international charities.

“What will I do?”

You can choose which of their fundraising opportunities you’d like to be a part of! Come along and shake a bucket at one of their famous fancy-dress RAG Raids, become a contestant on the annual Take Me Out event, hitch-hike to Disneyland and beyond or even climb Mount Kilimanjaro. With RAG, you can push yourself to new limits whilst raising money for great causes.

RAG always love to hear new ideas for raising money, so please get in touch if you have an idea for an event you’d like to try and make happen!

“Is this for me?”

RAG needs students with a sense of adventure, who are looking to take on a challenge for charity. They are looking for people who are open-minded, enthusiastic and who can work creatively to make things happen!

“What will I get out of it?”

The best part of RAG is that through fundraising you get to be part of a team who are constantly meeting new people, travelling to new places and having new, exciting experiences. Achieve things you never thought you’d achieve – for charity!

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Rebecca began fundraising with RAG (Raise-and-Give) initially because she needed to complete volunteering hours as part of Manchester Leadership Programme. She has mainly participated in “RAG Raids”, which involve a group of enthusiastic students going to various locations in the UK, wearing fancy dress and armed with charity buckets to collect donations from passers-by.

"My favourite raid so far was a Christmas-time collection, raising money for a charity which supports children who have been diagnosed with cancer and their families. We wore Christmas hats and sang carols, and although the weather was pretty miserable we all had a laugh and took time to bond over hot chocolate and cake when we needed to warm up! This leads to the other amazing thing about volunteering – you meet so many great people. I’ve met loads of people from different courses and we all just want to help the community in which we study.”