Medical Sciences


If you’re interested in volunteering in a healthcare setting to complement your Medical Sciences degree, you could find a role at one of the many local hospitals, cancer centres or health charities.

The Manchester Medical Society (MedSoc) also offers a wide range of student-led charity and volunteering societies that you can get involved in as a Medical Sciences student. For example, you could provide support to a resident nurse at a homeless drop-in centre through the Homeless Healthcare Society, or help to deliver first aid sessions to young people with Heartstart. If you’re a medical or dentistry student, you could use your subject experience to volunteer overseas with Team Gulu, part of the Global Health Society.

You could also think about specific skills you want to develop as you may be able to do this through volunteering opportunities that are not necessarily related to your degree, for example volunteering roles outside of a typical medical setting that allow you to work with a range of people of different ages and backgrounds.

MedSoc Charity Societies

Through its charity and volunteering societies, MedSoc offers an extensive and varied range of opportunities to volunteer related to your degree. If you like working with children and young people, you could lead interactive sessions with HAPPY, Fastbleep Schools or Sexpression. You could share your passion and support young people to consider a career in medicine with Manchester Outreach Medics (MOMs) or MedReach E-mentoring, while Manchester Marrow and Students for Organ Donation give you the chance to help make a real difference to healthcare.

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If you’re not sure about what volunteering you would like to do or you would like to chat through some of these opportunities, the Volunteering Team is here to help!

Drop in to the Atrium (1st floor University Place) Mondays 12-1pm or Wednesdays 1-2pm. If you can’t make a drop-in, you can call or email us to arrange a meeting.

You can find opportunities related to your degree, your interests and much more on Volunteer Hub.

Alisha volunteers with Manchester Outreach Medics.

Zeeshan is a Medicine student and is the Vice-Chair of RAG, the student-led fundraising arm of the Students’ Union.  He was also a volunteer on Team Uganda, the University’s flagship international volunteering programme in partnership with SALVE international.

"I’ve definitely got out a lot of volunteering in terms of teaching, working different people such as children and the elderly something that has helped build up my communication skills for when I become a doctor. Also the ability to organise myself, keep on top of different things, work in a group – like with Team Uganda, we all had to work together and take care of each other, making sure we worked efficiently - all transferable skills that I think will be really useful for me."