University Supported Projects

Fancy taking a lead role in a University supported volunteering project that is tailored to your own interests and passion? If so, why not take part in a long-term volunteering project in partnership with a local community organisation and supported by the Volunteering Team at the University.

These projects are a great way for you to develop employability skills, volunteer for something that you feel strongly about and work with other volunteers across the University as well as the University's Volunteering Team. 

They are planned, developed and delivered by a team of students to benefit the wider community. By taking part in one, you have the opportunity to benefit your chosen charity or volunteering organisation. For example, you may be involved with planning your own event or campaign.

As a team, you will be mentored by a staff member of the Volunteering and Community Engagement Team, and often a representative from the host organisation that you are volunteering for. Together you will establish the aims, timeframe and activities to achieve the project objectives.

As a group, you will also be able to recruit extra volunteers for your project if you require more 'manpower' for your planned activity.

Setting up a University supported volunteering project

You may already have an idea about a volunteer project that you would like to set up. If so, we are happy to offer you support and advice to do this.

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