Student Groups 2nd Place

Incredible Edible, Students' Union

Incredible Edible Manchester is a student volunteer food gardening group based in Platt Fields Park. The project utilises otherwise unused urban areas to grow sustainable, healthy food. The project raises awareness about environmental issues, food justice, and sustainability by cultivating organic vegetables and herbs around the University for the local community to use and access free of charge. Volunteers work on the plots to plant and grow a variety of crops, and ensure the produce is well cared for.

By having fresh fruit and vegetables available in the community and working alongside other community groups, the project aims to promote healthy living, increase access to food in a time where many people struggle with food poverty, and help embed students into their wider community, producing a more sustainable community for everyone. Volunteers can also improve their own knowledge about growing produce, caring for a small plot, and getting to know Manchester better. Going to the sessions helps volunteers to connect with the community outside of the University ‘bubble’, and support their own mental health and wellbeing.