Alumni winner

Barnaby Weston, BA (Hons) History and American Studies 2017

Barney is co-founder of Football For Future, a charity with a mission to build a more environmentally sustainable culture in English football. 

Its first project has been to develop and deliver the first educational workshops on the relationship between football and climate change to a total of 150+ young Londoners through a project with Nike and their partners Tottenham Hotspur FC, Chelsea FC, and Mason Mount. This set an important precedent in football, that it is not invulnerable to  the threat of climate change. The project was communicated through Nike, Tottenham Hotspur FC and Chelsea FC channels - generating over one million impressions - and managed to generate perhaps a high profile player to speak out on the relationship between football and climate change, Chelsea FC midfielder Mason Mount.

Secondly it has supported a Premier League club to become more environmentally sustainable through a process of establishing the club's current environmental footprint, and then developing recommendations regarding how to improve this footprint and launching  an ambitious sustainability strategy.

The club has not just become more environmentally sustainable,  reducing the club's emissions, but it has also set an important precedent to the club's fans and communicated climate change to them in a way that Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg cannot.