Volunteer Days and Volunteer Projects

The Volunteering and Community Engagement Team at the University run Volunteer Days and Volunteer Projects that you can take part in.

These are a good way for you to kick off your volunteering in Manchester, gain hours towards the Make a Difference (volunteering) part of the Stellify Award and/or get a taste of different types of volunteering.

Volunteer Days and Volunteer Projects are also a great way for you to meet new friends.

Volunteer Days

Volunteer Days usually last a full day/half a day and you volunteer in a group with other students. This could include planting a community orchard, painting a mural at a local primary school or helping out at an afternoon tea party for older people.

A staff member from the Volunteering Team is usually available at the Volunteer Day. Transport is often provided.

Volunteer Days are advertised on Volunteer Hub - access Volunteer Hub and search "Volunteer Day." 

The estimated hours for a Volunteer Day will be published beforehand, but the volunteering hours you will be allocated will be the actual number of volunteer hours you do on the day, not including transport.  

If a Volunteer Day is cancelled for any reason, the volunteer hours will not be given to you. You should therefore be aware that you may need to plan for more Volunteer Days/volunteering than the exact number of hours in case the Volunteer Days are shorter than expected or have to be cancelled unexpectedly.

Find Volunteer Days on Volunteer Hub

Volunteer Projects

Volunteer Projects usually last three to six weeks, in which you often volunteer alongside other students to undertake a task or achieve an objective on behalf of a charity or community organisation. This may involve developing a marketing campaign, organising an activity session for a group of service users, or hosting a fundraising event.

Volunteer Projects are also advertised on Volunteer Hub. You can search "Volunteer Project."

The volunteer hours you will be allocated will be the actual number of volunteering hours you do.

Find Volunteer Projects on Volunteer Hub