St Peter's House

Based at St Peter’s House (in the – for now – transformed Milk & Honey café) The Well is a holistic and creative project that’s tackling food crisis on and around campus. Covid has caused and deepened so many problems, but it’s also made lots of us think creatively about how we can best serve our communities – and here at The Well that’s just what we’re doing. We offer three different ‘Well Packs’ to students and local residents, each tailored to meet the meets of different groups and each one designed to make sure that we don’t just fill bellies but meet needs on a deeper level too. We’ve re-worked our volunteer programme to make it safe and meaningful for each person who comes to spend time with us – we’re looking for people to deliver Well Packs to those who can’t leave home, people to join us as we garden and keep our outdoor space beautiful, and people to help us with our online programme. We know that volunteering offers benefits to the people who offer their time too, and we’ve re-thought our roles to ensure that you’ll know the value of your time here at The Well.