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Student Angels, University of Manchester Students' Union

Student Angels is a night time street safety initiative; the volunteers act as friendly faces that people can ask for help from, as well as looking out for people who need help and acting as a deterrent to people who may want to start trouble. Student Angels provide anything from a chat and some water to first aid assistance. 

With around 15 volunteers, the Angels have helped almost 450 people since September 2019, including supporting people in 18 serious incidents and 185 drug/alcohol related incidents.  The Student Angels project is a significant commitment by volunteers, requiring hours of training, long shifts, late nights and bad weather – not to mention giving up their weekends!  Through their support, the Student Angels create real impact and change, helping to prevent potentially serious and dangerous incidents from escalating and ensuring that students at the University of Manchester stay safe.  Additionally, their presence and support on busy streets acts as a positive influence on the reputation of both the university and its students.