Student Groups 2nd Place

Enactus Speak Up, Enactus Manchester

Speak Up provides free, weekly ‘English as a second language’ lessons to migrant parents and carers of pupils, in partnership with five primary schools around Greater Manchester. The inability to speak the language of the country you live in can cause social isolation, a lack of confidence and makes finding a job almost impossible. Hence a lack of provision for English language classes can often lead to migrants feeling isolated which is detrimental to mental health. 

The project’s main aim (which has been operating since 2012) is to reduce the inequalities faced by migrants with little knowledge of English. The students create a comfortable environment, allowing the migrants to develop their English skills, apply them in a range of different contexts and gain confidence.  

The adults now have the confidence to communicate with class teachers, ask questions about their child’s progress and other school issues.  It is also helps them in the wider community to book appointments, describe their medical problems fully with some taking driving lessons, as they felt more confident with their English ability.