Staff 3rd place

The Judges awarded two 3rd place prizes.

Penny Richardson, IT Services

Penny has volunteered for over five years with the University History and Heritage project, collating a roll of honour of former students of the University who died in World War I, and writing individual biographies to be published on a dedicated microsite.  Penny works in IT Services and volunteered out of a commitment to remembering the individuals who died in the War.  Her painstaking research to write individual biographies means there is a way of knowing these individuals beyond their name.  

Penny has researched over 650 individuals, travelling to WW1 cemeteries in France and Belgium for her research. Her research has also enabled those outside the University to trace their relatives and find out details they would otherwise not have known.

Penny’s commitment has made an enormous contribution to several communities, reflected in emails and comments received during the WW1 commemoration period. She has brought over 650 individuals back to life and provided an immensely valuable resource for current and future generations. Penny's work is online here:


Harriet Bickley, School of Health Sciences

Although her day-job is as a mental health researcher, Harriet undertakes various wildlife and community engagement volunteering tasks, principally at Parrs Wood Environmental Centre(PWEC).

Her voluntary activities at PWEC include wildlife surveying, wildlife camera operating, contributing to citizen science via database inputting, baking for open days, harvesting, weeding, bird-box maintenance, contributing to the newsletter and blog pieces, and creating displays about the Centre's wildlife and history. 

While other PWEC volunteers are primarily focussed on horticultural activities, Harriet has effectively created her own brief by focussing on wildlife and public engagement, initiating wildlife surveying and citizen science at the site seven years ago.  She inputs wildlife records onto Greater Manchester Ecology Unit's Local Record Centre database and also to the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. 

She additionally annually pulls up thousands of Himalayan Balsam plants, a foreign invasive weed species, in Heaton Mersey. Harriet is also brings her environmental and community mind-set to the University and is an active Environmental Sustainability Champion.