Meet our 2021 Alumni Nominees!

Even with the challenges the COVID pandemic has brought we received some great nominations of alumni doing amazing things!  The judges had to make difficult decisions with such a strong field.  You can find out the result of the judges' decision making by watching our event on YouTube.

Aiswarya is on the Board of Trustees for two charities, 'Springboard Academy', which supports young asylum seekers and refugees and 'Nia', which looks to end gender-based violence.

Barnaby is one of the founders of 'Football for Future', which aims to build a more sustainable culture in English football.

Kelvin is founder of 'GREEN Project' which aims to promote and educate the public about the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Komal has explored more cost effective ways to treat patients in Lahore, Pakistan.

Michelle has acted as a trustee for the charity ' Bridging the Gap' and been heavily involved in the community response to the pandemic in south Manchester.

Royston has been a frontline volunteer helping to distribute food to families during the pandemic.  He has also helped arrange the donation of high quality face masks to frontline workers.

Susan is founder of Chifundo UK and Chanasa Malawi, which work together to empower girls and women through education and income-generation projects.

Talal is part of 'Tawad Charity Project', which mobilises Kuwait youth to help those in need, including those affected by the port explosion in Lebanon.