Get involved with vaccinations 

Whatever you're studying, wherever in the UK you may be at the moment, you can be part of the COVID-19 vaccination programme.
This page lists all opportunities we're aware of where you can be part of vaccination efforts in the UK.  While many opportunities focus on Greater Manchester, there are a number that students who are currently based elsewhere in the UK can apply to.  Our priority is promoting volunteering opportunities but we've also included paid opportunities that we're currently aware of (mainly for healthcare students).
Many opportunities are being run by different parts of the UK health service.  Each opportunity provides a specific link where you can find out more and apply directly to the correct agency.
Please note that most roles will require training to be undertaken.
More generic volunteering opportunities are advertised on Volunteer Hub. Please note that these include opportunities where you can volunteer from home if you'd prefer. 

The University of Manchester supports all our students who choose to help fight COVID-19, reducing the pandemic’s impact on Manchester, the UK and globally, especially in reducing health inequalities. While students and staff have a role to play this shouldn't interfere in your learning. For healthcare students the most important role you have right now is to complete your studies, qualify and become a healthcare professional.  

Volunteer roles

If you are an undergradaute student undertaking one of the unpaid roles below you can count your hours towards Stellify.  You will need to log your volunteering as 'Independently Sourced Hours' on Volunteer Hub.  More information can be found here.


Manchester’s COVID-19 vaccination programme

Volunteer Centre Manchester are supporting Manchester Health and Care Commissioning (MHCC) with its recruitment to support Manchester's COVID-19 vaccination programme at community-based sites across the city.

At present, 3000 Volunteer Marshals have registered and therefore recruitment has currently been halted.

You can find out about other ways to volunteer at:


NHS volunteer responders stewards  national

Steward volunteers (COVID-19 vaccinations) will help by guiding people at COVID-19 vaccination sites. You may also be asked to support with stewarding at flu vaccination sites and support the NHS with non-clinical tasks such as signposting people around a health site or helping them check-in.

For more information and to apply:


St John’s Ambulance  national

St John’s Ambulance are recruiting and training 30,000 volunteers nationally in three different roles: vaccination care volunteers, volunteer patient advocates and volunteer vaccinators. Volunteers need to be able to commit to two shifts a month (each shift is eight hours).

For more information and to apply:

St John's Ambulance also has a specific volunteering programme for students and The University of Manchester is one of its partners for recruitment.  Please note only students can apply to this strand  all other applicants will be rejected.

For more information and to apply:

Paid opportunities

Most paid opportunities are only open to healthcare students. 

Paid opportunities  national

The NHS national vaccination programme has paid vaccinator roles which are three to six months flexible part-time roles for people with a minimum of relevant A-level or equivalent qualifications. 

For more information and to apply: 


Paid opportunities  Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT)

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) are working tirelessly to administer the COVID-19 vaccines to our community and staff. They're looking for healthcare students to be trained as vaccinators and to work as part of their experienced and dedicated teams. Full training, support and supervision will be provided, and the roles will be paid at Band 3 agenda for change. 

For more information and to apply: 


Paid opportunities – Etihad Vaccination Centre and Trust/Community Hubs

There are clinical and non-clinical roles for students interested in providing support at the vaccination centre at the Manchester Tennis Club situated on the Etihad Campus or at a Trust/Community Hub: 

If you're already registered with NHSP look out for shifts that will be posted for the mass vaccination centre.

If you aren't registered with NHSP but would like paid work then you can join the internal bank at: 

Look out for details at your local Trust as it is likely they will be advertising for such roles.


Paid opportunities - MHCC

Manchester Health and Care Commissioning (MHCC) is looking to establish a bank of volunteer vaccinators (immunisers) and are offering this opportunity to students in the following disciplines:

  • Student Nurses, Midwives, Nurse Associates
  • Student Paramedics
  • Student Pharmacists
  • Student Dentists & Dental Nurses
  • Student Operating Department Practitioners 

Training must be completed online before people registering for shifts. Pay rates will be in the range of £15-£20 per hour. 

To find out more go to:

If you are an external organisation working on the vaccination roll-out and are looking to recruit student help, please contact

“I jumped at the chance to be involved in the vaccination volunteering because I knew there might never be an opportunity as significant as this in my lifetime, and like many others I have spent the last year feeling frustrated at not being able to do more to support my community and the wider public health response to Covid-19 and so this was the perfect opportunity to get involved. I also knew helping at a vaccine centre would give me a safe and legitimate reason to be outside the house! I signed up on the Manchester Community Central website and started receiving requests to help as a marshal at health centres in South Manchester. The centre I volunteered at was staffed by NHS and Council professionals and lots of volunteers and everyone was very professional and supportive. The over 80s who were being vaccinated were so friendly and really grateful to be in the centre receiving their vaccine. I enjoyed it so much that I signed up for more shifts as soon as I got back from my first session! I was also tested before my shift which helped to put my mind at ease. I’d highly recommend the experience to anyone!”


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