Coronavirus and volunteering 

We know that these are difficult times for everyone. We also know that many of you are keen to volunteer at this time to offer your support. Please see below how volunteering can be accessed over the next few weeks.

Please don’t forget that it is really important if you have any symptoms, or live with someone that does, that you follow the official guidelines by staying at home and self isolating.

NHS Volunteer Responders

The Government have launched a national volunteer scheme to support our NHS through the COVID-19 outbreak. Volunteers must be 18 or over, and fit and well with no symptoms. Those in higher-risk groups (including those over 70, those who are pregnant or with underlying medical conditions) will be able to offer support by telephone.
Volunteers will support in four ways:
  • Community Response volunteer: collecting shopping, medication or other essential supplies for someone who is self-isolating, and delivering these supplies to their home.
  • Patient Transport volunteer: providing transport to patients who are medically fit for discharge, and ensuring that they are settled safely back in to their home.
  • NHS Transport volunteer: transporting equipment, supplies and/or medication between NHS services and sites, and assisting pharmacies with medication delivery.
  • Check-in and Chat volunteer: short-term telephone support to individuals at risk of loneliness due to self-isolation.
To find out more and sign up go to:

Coronavirus Volunteer Responder at Salford Royal Hospital

Please note: The Salford Royal NHS Trust is only recruiting volunteers who are between the age of 18 and 65 years old and who have no underlying health conditions.

It is looking for individuals who can support it with an ever changing landscape in response to the Coronavirus Emergency Plan work within volunteering. There are a number of current volunteer roles that have been prioritised to support staff but these may change on a daily basis as it responds to the needs of emergency plans as they develop.
Please contact a member of the Salford Royal Volunteer Team at to discuss how you can volunteer to assist the NHS in these challenging times.
  • Emergency Day-to-Day Volunteers: working directly with the hospital Volunteering Team, these roles will be responding to day to day requests, as they emerge from each site, in response to their emergency planning. Duties will be agreed and guided by the Volunteering Senior Management Team. For example they may include:
    • Reception: wayfinding and directing patients/visitors
    • Hand wash reminding
    • Daily communication cascade: ensuring staff have latest communication
    • Assisting with stock checks
  • Acting as a Runner for Key Departments e.g. pharmacy
  • Emergency Planning Driver Volunteers:working direct with the Volunteering Team, these roles will be responding to day-to-day requests, as they emerge from each site, in response to their emergency planning.  They will only support patients who are mobile and can get in and out of the vehicle unaided. Driving duties may include;
    • Transporting Renal patients to and from dialysis across Greater Manchester
    • Collecting and transporting equipment as needed across sites
    • Collect and deliver medications for patients
    • Collect and transfer staff

To find out more and volunteer please email the Salford Royal Volunteer Team at

Greater Manchester Wide Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteer Days are now cancelled but if you feel able to, then there are lots of ways you can keep volunteering.

We are currently working with other volunteering agencies in Manchester to look at how we can effectively co-ordinate efforts to support the community at this difficult time.  If you are in Greater Manchester and would be interested in being part of a Manchester-wide initiative, 'GM community support for Residents' where you may be contacted depending on your location and skills set please let us know via this Sign Up form. We will then be in touch regarding next steps.

Access the Sign Up form here

Furthermore lots of community activity has sprung up to help those who are vulnerable. If you have older/vulnerable neighbours who need help with shopping or if you can give volunteering time to your community in another creative way then we will work with you to ensure this counts and is recorded. Please keep an accurate log of any volunteering you complete during this period and where possible, get some evidence – e.g. a selfie of you volunteering, a letter of reference, or the contact details of someone who can confirm what you’ve been doing.

If you are not currently volunteering and would like to something positive to help at the moment:

Existing Volunteer Commitments

For those students with existing volunteer commitments, we expect some charities will remain open and will need volunteers (possibly even more than usual!) If you are able to continue to provide support then please get in touch with your organisation to find out what’s happening. If you need help finding their contact details then please get in touch.  

Please note that if you feel that you are unable to volunteer in any of the ways above, you can always volunteer from home. 


Times like this show just how important volunteers and communities coming together can be.  If you want to help out in some way but don’t know how then just get in touch with us.  We don’t have all the answers but we’ll do our best!

Recognising volunteering & coronavirus

To ensure that you are not disadvantaged following the disruption of many activities due to COVID-19,  we have amended some of the activities required to complete the Stellify Award for students graduating in 2020 and for students undertaking the Manchester Leadership Programme. To find our more go to Volunteering Awards & Coronavirus.

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