Coronavirus and volunteering 

We know that these are difficult times for everyone. We also know that many of you are keen to volunteer at this time to offer your support. 

Thank you, especially as times like this show just how important volunteers and communities coming together can be. Thank you - your contribution will make a positive difference.

We are committed to offering you all the support we can to enable you to volunteer safely. We have been working with all our partner organisations asking for extra information regarding their volunteer opportunities they offer you are COVID secure.

All volunteering opportunities, including COVID-19 related volunteering opportunities are advertised on Volunteer Hub.  Through this volunteering you can be part of the historic response to Covid-19...

Please don’t forget that it is really important if you have any symptoms, or live with someone that does, that you follow the official guidelines by staying at home and self isolating.

Please note that if you feel that you are unable to volunteer out in the community (for example you may be shielding) but you are still keen to volunteer, you can volunteer from home. On Volunteer Hub we have a variety of phone/online volunteering opportunities that you can do from home. To find them, when you search for opportunities on Volunteer Hub highlight 'Yes' in the 'Show volunteering from home opportunities only' box and these opportunities will appear for you. 

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Coronavirus and volunteering - Frequently Asked Questions  

Below are a list of FAQs related to the COVID-19 pandemic and your volunteering. If these do not answer your particular concerns please do contact us with your questions.

We have asked that all organisations that are promoting volunteer opportunities on Volunteer Hub to confirm that they have a risk assessment in place for each opportunity they advertise, including any actions needed to minimise the risk from covid. If any organisation does not confirm they have done this we will not promote their volunteering opportunities to you.

That will be dependent on the national guidelines and the type of volunteering you are doing - for example, if it is inside or outside. Also if you are volunteering on your own or not. For more details please refer to the Government guidance on wearing a face covering.

Please also note that some people may not be exempt from wearing a face covering, for example some people with disabilities. Please be mindful and respectful of this. More information about this can be found in the Government guidance on wearing a face covering

If guidelines do change please contact your Volunteer Coordinator from the organisation you are volunteering with to find out if you can still volunteer.

If you are unable to still volunteer in that placement because of the new guidelines but still wish to volunteer, you can look for alternative placements on Volunteer Hub or contact the University's Volunteering Team for help. Please email us via so we can help you.

Yes, there are a range of phone and online volunteering opportunities available to you. For example you may wish to volunteer by phoning up an older person in the local community, befriending them and have a phone chat with them on a regular basis. There are also a variety of online volunteer placements such as the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme which addresses sustainable development challenges anywhere in the world, from any device.

Volunteer opportunities like these are available to you on Volunteer Hub. In the 'Show volunteering from home opportunities only' box when searching, highlight 'Yes' and Volunteer Hub will show these opportunities to you. 

Yes, as long as your volunteering benefits the wider community and is with a charity/not-for-profit organisation, it will count towards the Stellify Award/MLP.

For more details about the volunteering that counts towards the Stellify Award go to the volunteering pages of the Stellify website

To find out about what volunteering counts for the MLP go to the MLP criteria webpage

If you believe the rules to keep everyone safe are not being followed by other volunteers, speak to your volunteering supervisor immediately. If you feel the situation is not resolved and you still feel uncomfortable, you can leave and explain your reasons to your volunteering supervisor. 

If a situation such as this arises please do notify us via email:

If you feel the organisation you are volunteering with is not following the health and safety guidelines, please let us know as soon as possible. You can contact us by email via

Please also note that if you are not comfortable volunteering, you can choose to stop. Please notify your Volunteer Supervisor to explain your reasons. 

If you have any concerns about volunteering and the Coronavirus pandemic, get in touch with the Volunteering and Community Engagement Team so we can help with any specific conerns. You can email us at

Yes, since lockdown eased in April 2021, we have been running Volunteer Days in a safe, socially distanced manner. Volunteer Days resumed again in the new academic year in October 2021. These are advertised on Volunteer Hub and through our social media channels. 

If you do receive a positive COVID test after you have volunteered, please let your Volunteer Supervisor know immediately.

Please also let us, the Volunteering and Community Engagement Team know immediately too by emailing us at

Yes, the British Red Cross has designed and produced online training for anyone volunteering in response to the Coronavirus crisis.

This training is for anyone supporting a charity or helping neighbours in your local community. It provides you with details to help you look after yourself others.

You can access the online training resource here.

Yes, if you have to shield because of COVID you can still volunteer. However you must not take up a face to face role. On Volunteer Hub we have a variety of online/phone volunteering opportunities that you can do from home. To find them, when you search for opportunities on Volunteer Hub highlight 'Yes' in the 'Show volunteering from home opportunities only' box and these opportunities will appear for you. 

We understand that whilst you may be confident that the vounteering you are doing is safe, that you have to get there in the first place! We would encourage all students to consider transport when selecting a volunteering opportunity.  Maybe there is an opportunity that you can walk or cycle to safely. You are able to search for opportunities on Volunteer Hub based on location so think about finding a volunteering role that is close to home. 

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